Style Branding

Aligning your brand, image, and style. Identify, Development, and Refinement of brand cohesiveness and confidence through style and image.

Style Makeover

Overhaul & Refinement of client style, image, and wardrobe.


Personal Style & Body Type Analysis

Thorough analysis of body silhouette and detailed curated guide addressing any challenges and showing you how to maximize your attributes through proper wardrobe choices.

One on One walk through with Expert stylist and custom portfolio provided. Flat rate.

Online link & access provided. Flat rate.


Closet Audit & Outfit Coordination

• Overhaul & Refinement of client style, image, and wardrobe.
• Review, Edit, & Advise on clients current closet as well as coordinate complementing ensembles from clients current wardrobe.
• Wardrobe Management
• Wardrobe Planning & Style Calendar
• Event or Project Styling
• Concept, planning, & execution of client’s image and look for special occasions, events, photo shoots, or other special needs. Personal Shopping